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It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.

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Office SingularityOffice Singularity 5:51 AM

So apparently there’s three different stages in the modern office work flow. I only thought there was one: Runnin’ Ragged! But lo! There’s three. And with this bit of furniture, the “Workflow,” you’ve got all three covered in one. The inverted cubicle. Workflow covers Social : standing up, meeting, Functional : preparing, organizing at the table, and Casual : summarizing relaxing, laptopping. One of these for the perfect office environment?

Whats better than standing, sitting, and lying down? I mean, what else do you need? The Workflow looks awfully pretty, too, doesn’t it? I wonder how it’d be transported though, as it’d be a giant!

The 3 stages included in the modern office work flow:
1. SOCIAL - INTERACTIVE: Meeting - Presenting - Socializing -
Teamworking: Standing up with the laptop on a high desk.
2. FUNCTIONAL - FOCUSED: Preparing - Producing: Sitting down on an
ergonomic chair with the laptop on a desk.
3. CASUAL - PRIVATE: Summarizing - On the phone - Taking notes -
Relaxing - Contemplating: Lying down with the laptop on your lap.

I’ll have a sepia and orange one plz. K thx.

Designer: o4i


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