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It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.

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The Angels At Firewall 6:21 AM

Forest fires are essential for the ecology but when uncontained can cause a lot of damage. The four major causes lightning, volcanic eruption, sparks from rockfalls, and spontaneous combustion are further supported with human activities like accidents and arson. One of the ways to contain wildfires is starting controlled burn operations that minimize the risk of major wildfire events. The Thirst.D Helicopter is proposed to be a part of the first privatized wildfire fighting force.

Thirst.D is a purpose-built heavy response helitanker that is designed for the prevention and defense against wildfires.

Here’s the concept:

“The Thirst.D visually mimics the split of dark smoke tumbling above the raging fire below to create a unique design aesthetic. It works within Firewall, the first privatized wildfire fighting force. Focusing on Point protection and defense, Firewall works with communities at risk by educating and preparing residencies, and addressing the surrounding environment. The Thirst.D carries out controlled burn operations that minimize the risk of major wildfire events. These burns also help to maintain a balanced ecology. When wildfires do threaten these points Thirst.Ds are called in to create back burns and put down control lines with fire blocking gel.”

Designer: Sameer-Andrew Rayyan


Thirst.D Heavy Response Helitanker Helicopter by Sameer-Andrew Rayyan








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