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Waterproof Solar-powered Phone from Sharp 12:22 AM

The power of the sun is an excellent source of energy and summer is a perfect period when people can use gadgets based on the sun-power. Keeping with the trends and necessities of the modern world, Sharp in collaboration with Japanese cell phone company AU KDDI announced the release of its new waterproof phone that can be charged using sun-power. This idea is by no means new: LG has already announced creation of solar-powered phones. Samsung comes with its Blue Earth solar-powered touch phone. Moreover, Intivation Company has already released the ZTE Coral-200 and Commtiva Sola solar-powered phones.

It is little known of the new phone: the only information is connected with its capability to use the power of the sun. The phone, which is yet unnamed, offers one minute of talk time or two hours of standby time after being under the sun for 10 minutes. So, if you are on the beech, you may sleep for an hour or two and then you will be able to talk for 10 minutes. The phone receives up to 80% of its charge from solar power. The solar panel is placed on the top of the handset. However, it is not very convenient, for you will have to wait for a long time in order to talk a little. Thus, this is another attempt to produce environmentally friendly gadgets. Additionally, it is waterproof.

However, some of the phones mentioned above, have advantages concerning talk-time: LG phone offers three minutes of talking after 10-minute sunlight charging. But while Sharp announced the release date of the phone – June, 2009 – there is no information from LG Company concerning the date. Thus, Sharp phone may be considered as the first waterproof solar-powered handset.


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