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HTC Phones in Pakistan Better late than never 5:33 AM

hTC Touch

The makers of the best and exclusive PDA?s and smart phones are here officially in Paksitan. With certain feature holding close to the chest and asking competitive pricing other manufacturers beware! it can definitely give you a run for their money. Have a brief look of all the phones manufactured by them. We will definitely look into each one of them in our coming articles.

The HTC P6300

The Internet and messaging experience becomes so much richer with the large LCD display. While Microsoft? Windows Mobile? 5.0 with Direct Push keeps you always up-to-date with your e-mails, calendar appointments, and contacts, Internet Explorer? Mobile promises the smooth surfing of web pages. With Office Mobile you can manage your office documents, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Acrobat files, and be more productive wherever you are. 

HTC Advantage X7501

The HTC Advantage X7501 is a powerful mobile office device that lets you work wherever and whenever you want. Powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 with Direct Push Technology, you have the office tools you need while on the road. Attach the QWERTY keyboard and easily type up documents, e-mails, and messages. The huge 5-inch VGA display provides you more than enough room for surfing the Web and viewing documents. With its 3G, Wi-Fi? and Bluetooth? 2.0 capabilities, you stay connected to the world.

The built-in 8GB hard drive gives you plenty of room to store your work and media files on the phone, and if that?s not enough, insert a miniSD? card to add even more storage space. Use the TV Out feature to output contents on the screen onto an external display such as a Projector or TV when doing presentations or sharing photos. You can also print out documents by connecting to a Bluetooth? or network printer. Have your office with you wherever you are with the HTC Advantage X7501.

HTC P3350

For multimedia on the move the HTC P3350 has it all. It is a powerful mobile device that gives you all the PDA features you need - but so much more.

The HTC Media Hub gives you one-stop access to multimedia entertainment. Launch Audio Manager to manage and play music tracks, create playlists, and set music as ringtones. Listen to your favorite FM radio stations. You can even enhance the sound with the graphic equaliser. Add compatible Bluetooth? stereo headset and remote control accessories from HTC, and you have an all-round audio performer.

You will love the rich Internet and messaging experience even more with the 2.8 inch LCD touch screen. It is also perfect for viewing images you take with the 2 mega-pixel camera in portrait or landscape mode. Microsoft? Windows Mobile? 5.0 with Direct Push keeps you always up to date with your emails, calendar appointments, and contacts. Office Mobile and Internet Explorer? Mobil allow you to manage your Word and Excel files, and to do web browsing.


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